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Night of Museums
Dear readers!

Count István Széchenyi once wrote that “the strength of a nation lies in the multitude of educated individuals”. Thirteen years ago, the Night of the Museums aimed to multiply the number of “educated individuals” through popularizing a range programs that were meant to entertain through teaching and teach through entertainment. The possibilities of education must not be restricted to classrooms and university courses. It is much better to have unconventional means to access works of art. One such occasion is the Night of the Museums. On June 20, beginning with 6 o’clock in the evening over a hundred museums and other institutions in the capital, Budapest and an additional more than two hundred across the country will open their doors to the public. However, this veritable cornucopia of events is by no means restricted to museums. It includes castles, open-air museums, zoos and botanical gardens, arboretums, wildlife reserves, baths and various other establishments of culture. Together, these provide joint occasions for experience, entertainment and relaxation for families, friends and other communities. These events will provide a lasting memory through the help of thousands of highly qualified professionals who will be at the disposal of the over 300,000 visitors throughout the night, showing and explaining in ways only guides, historians and archaeologists can.

The special feature of this year’s event will be its focus on one city, Eger, and one theme: Living Transylvania. Eger is symbol of Hungarian victory while Transylvania is the living conscience of the Hungarians. The more than 300 institutions taking part in this year’s events will all offer at least one program item related to Transylvania.

Through learning, understanding and loving each of us , from youngest to oldest - can reach that distinguished goal set to us by Széchenyi – to become one in the “multitude of educated individuals”.

Dear readers, you can plan your itineraries in advance by visiting the event’s homepage, www.muzej.hu, or use our mobile application to chose from the wealth of entertaining activites available.

I wish you good planning any many memorable events!

Zoltán Balog,
Minister of Human Capacities
Main patron of the Night of the Museums
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